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Sunday, May 23, 2010

What a blast!

Today...Lance and I entered our first --- I'll use this term lightly ---- adventure race. We're not triathletes and we don't run these adventure races that span the course of four days but we pretty well laid it on the line for about 20 minutes today and had a blast. I wish we could have had better pics of the course itself and the way we looked prior to rinsing off and changing some clothes but we had a muddy, dirty good time. Black Foot Mud Run is up June 26th and I'm already working on Kim to get her to run it.

Yep....we're morons.

But we're WARRIOR morons!

1 comment:

zane hollingsworth said...

Nice. We looked for you, but just too many people. We'll see you (hopefully) at the Black Foot!