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Monday, May 31, 2010

Some updates...

Four days off and gone....POOF! Just like that.

Where does time go? Last Thursday night, I stayed up until nearly 1am watching "Stepbrothers" because I needed a good laugh....and because I could. Never mind that I've seen the movie a dozen times. I just wanted to stay up late. Oh sure, I paid for it the next day because we got up early on Friday and took Reese to have some professional photos taken - will share as soon as we get them - and I essentially gave the company about 3.5 hours back because some jerk released the hounds on a promo that wasn't supposed to hit until Tuesday on Friday morning (If I had done it I would have been threatened with my job...this turd will probably be lauded at the next meeting.) So my one measly day off turned into a half day with a little mowing and Cornhole building.

Saturday turned into cookout day. Our neighbor came over and asked about slow cooking some chow on Saturday and hanging by the pool so we had ribs and two pork butts that slow cooked for about 10 hours while we went to the pool, drank beer, and took it easy. Reese went down to the pool with us and lifeguard nazi boy told us that Reese now has to wear swimmer type diapers, a stinking baggy thing, and then her suit. So, we looked for the baggy things all weekend but to no avail. Everyone is out because some kid shat in a pool and now everyone is scared of E.Coli.....I thought we used chlorine in pools....and I thought chlorine kills E. Coli?? Maybe not. So a modified garbage bag around Reese will prevent it from happening. What about the 10 year olds that are swimming for hours and never going to the bathroom? I'm sure nothing is wrong with that...of course not.

Anyway....We still put Reese in the water after Stalin-lifeguard boy changed shifts. She had a blast. Loves it. And has absolutely ZERO fear of jumping or getting her head wet. She is completely over the moon about the pool....which means we'll be there more this year and I couldn't be happier because I need some sun. I'm slightly pale and need color desperately.

Sunday was a trip over to Lake Weiss to visit Chuck and Nan. Reese did great over there and was a little ham the whole day. She loved riding the golf cart around the little area where Pawpaw and Nana's place is and this sort of helped feed the fire for my own "needed" cart. I think Kim is on the hook but she isn't in the boat just yet. I'm on it though. We left around 5pm and headed back only to hit storm after storm. We stopped in C-Ville to eat Gondolier's....we actually love that place but we're leery of the one down here. It just doesn't seem the same so we stopped for a little stroll down chow memory lane.

Today....Cornhole-a-thon. Well, finishing it anyway. TONS of taping, TONS of painting, TONS of touch up and then....steady decal placement. All I have to do is poly everything and touch some stuff up and I'll be done!

Outside of that, we let Reese chill at the house mostly and ate some La Parilla for dinner. It was a great weekend. We had an awesome four day weekend even if the weather didn't cooperate. I'm bummed about heading back to work Tuesday but its already Tuesday so the week should fly......I hope.

Take a look at my handy work on these cornhole boards...I'm pleased but still not done so I could still screw up something.

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