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Monday, May 17, 2010

Somebody got a hair cut....

A MUCH needed haircut at that!

We've drug out feet on the haircut thing. Reese's bangs have just gotten out of control and we have been needing to do something but we didn't know what to do. We didn't want her to look like a little boy and we want her hair to grow so we just left things alone. Only problem with that is that Reese doesn't really care for hair bows and will constantly pull them out....and we end up with this look...

The other issue is Kim and her weird obsession with the salon she goes to.....IN CALHOUN!! 45 minutes from our home....two houses and two different towns later, Kim still goes to Calhoun to get her hair cut and colored. (I hope that wasn't a mention that Kim dyes her hair. Of course her hair is naturally a beautiful mixture of blonde and brunette highlights that look perfect all the time.) but I've been shoved into the idea of understanding and now it makes perfect sense.....Sort of one those...."are we clear?" moments. To which I say, "Crystal."

Kim was about to haul Reese up to Calhoun to this holy grail of hair salons. But we debated that and Kim mentioned the other day that Reese's hair was getting a little out of control and Calhoun might be a little much. She mentioned wanting to look locally and even asked Sherry where her boys get their hair cut. Well of course, they go to a Great Clips like any normal little man would. Great Clips is about as hoity as I want to get and I can get in and out under $20 all day long. I do, however, recall the Calhoun days for myself when all I knew was the Barber Shop and you got whatever hair cut the old crotchety man wanted to give you. You could ask for a #3 guard but what you got was a comb pulled out to "about" a number three. Sometimes that meant you barely got your hair cut and other times it meant that you were ready to enter the service. High and tight was the specialty at the barber shop and little kids went ape when one of those guys come at them with sheers. All I remember was little boys hitting DEFCON 5 when they got their hair cut......I could see this with Reese as well.



I had opted out of the hair salon trip thinking it would be a little too much estrogen for me but then a guilty streak took over. What if Reese was blowing a gasket! Kim would need help....I know I would want it if I was by myself so I figured she couldn't have gone far and sure enough, less than 1/2 a mile down the road is a nice little salon. No one else was there so I pull up to find my little angel getting her hair cut like a little lady. She was cool as she could be. I went in and marveled at how well she was being. Kim said that she was perfect......All that "anxiety" for nothing. We didn't really fret over the decision but we've both seen the nightmares that ensue so we were so pleased that Reese was chilling out holding on to some curlers....a weird fixation hers now.

Long story short, Reese looks sooooooo much better now and doesn't look like Sam the sheep dog on Bugs Bunny cartoons.

Then she came home and decided to tell all of her friends about her.....ehem....Hair raising experience. (so incredibly corny I know.)

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