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Monday, October 18, 2010

Apple Festival and Burt's Pumpkin Farm...

Saturday was the annual trek up to the Mountains of North GA and our field trips to the Apple Festival and now Burt's Pumpkin Farm. The pumpkin patch is relatively new to us but we felt like we should try it out last year and now it has become a bit of a "have to" because what is more cute than your little one surrounded by thousands of pumpkins and parents trying to get the perfect picture?

Of course we let time push us to the edge of Reese's nap time and lunch time ---- NOTE! Reese typically goes down around 1:30p or 2:00p and sleeps for an hour or two. Just file that away for a rainy day cause yeah....we forgot about that and pushed her a little too hard at Burt's and she paid us back in kind. You'd never know it based on the pics but she was a little pissed between snapshots.

The Apple Festival was ok...We go for the food more than anything since the crafts are a little sketchy and nothing seems to be built to last. I have to say that I was unaware that the long denim skirt trend was coming back but it would appear to be the case at the fairgrounds anyway. I think another trend that I had not anticipated was the "slightly unable to walk unassisted but I sure can push this little carty looking thing with brakes" concept. These little carts were everywhere! From the able to the unable....tons of folks had them. I also think Ellijay has the highest Rascal to walker ratio in the country and that's a feather in their cap to be sure!

Enough funny business...the food was terrific as usual. My Brunswick Stew booth was back and I had my fried twinkie again.....heaven on a paper plate.
And finally - me sporting a little woodsman look with my gray goat.
The rest of the pics are just compiled from a good day away from it all. Good weather, great food, and my little family making memories. Good stuff.

'd never know that Reese had a miniature meltdown right after this. In reality, she was a doll for the stress of the day and as usual....she was just an amazing little girl. The memories just keep getting better. 


Judith said...

Love, Love, Love the pictures of Reese!!! No, we would have never known that she was not in a good mood. I think you're telling tales on that precious baby!! Love the goat-tee's about time you showed a little!!! Looks like you all had a ball....that's what it's all time! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures !! She is a seetheart...Enjoy her now because she will be up grown and gone befre you know it....See you Thursday Reese..Nana loves you...

Anonymous said...

great pictures adam, tell cohen and reese helllo from us, the pereiras