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Saturday, October 2, 2010

I promise to update....

I know, I know....I've neglected the blog for the better part of two months now but there is a spectacular reason as to why. The salt mine that I work at decided that not only should I work longer hours at the office but I should also travel full weeks repeatedly so as only to get further behind....I'm sure my review will be forth coming now and this commentary will only aide in the decision to force me to make bricks with no straw amongst other random punishments.

I'll try to sit down later this weekend to document some of the goings on with Reese, her VASTLY expanding vocabulary, her silly little ways, and all of the stuff that Kim and I have brewing while trying to raise this little girl.

Gotta head to a christening party this afternoon and a neighborhood social tonight so today is sort of shot. Love to all. C-ya

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