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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What is it.....

Someone guessed correctly or at least they commented that it's Reese's bubble maker. Nana was trying to take pics of Reese while they were blowing bubbles and she came away with this pretty cool pic.


I traveled pretty heavily from the end of July through September so I just didn't have proper time to update anything. Life has since slowed back to the normal pace and I can sort of get my feet beneath me now. Problem with my travel is that everyone knows me as an inside the office guy so my email load continues around the 100 to 125 email count even when I'm not there to check them. Brutal stuff to catch up and keep rolling with the normal stuff. Anyway....enough about work. 

I've been working on a little project for the house since Kim gave her blessing on the purchase of a Big Green Egg....I've been building a table for my egg and will be working on that table as soon as I get up from the computer tonight. Pics soon!

Reese has been simply amazing lately. Her vocabulary has just exploded. If I rattled off all the words she is using now and in half way decent conversation I would be here all night. She is showing interest in potty training by telling us every time she pees or poops. Both are labeled pee pee but it doesn't take a genius to figure the difference. The poor kid wreaks when she poops.

Vacation was a blast and the days since vacation have been a joy with her. She knows everyone in the family now and my Mom finally has a name. She was hoping from Grandma but Reese trumped it and calls her Mawmaw now. I don't think Mom has a problem with that at all....she's pretty excited to be called anything as she was the last to "earn" a name but G's just weren't coming in Reese's vocabulary so that's how Grandparents get their default and whatever the kiddo can say.

The Apple Festival is coming up this weekend and we'll be making the trip up to Ellijay this weekend to get in the fall festival mood and I'll be FINALLY cooking on the egg this weekend kicking off a new era in food production around the Hall house.....ahhhhh Charcoal grilling again.

There is so much to talk about and so many things to cover so I'll do these posts in spurts over the next week or so just to catch up and cover all the bases. Treat this like the introduction of the book....I'm telling ya what I'm gonna tell ya......THEN, I'll tell ya what I'm telling ya.....and then we'll have a conclusion where I'll tell ya what I told ya. Writing explained right there by Adam. Take notes folks....I go fast.

More on Wednesday....

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Anonymous said...

Mawmaw is thrilled to have a name that Reese knows who I am and calls me now! Cannot wait to see her again and hear her say it to me in person! Very exciting for me! Mawmaw Em