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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Big Green Egg...

Several weeks ago I was given the go ahead by the CFO/CEO of Hall Industries - aka Kim - to purchase a new grill. Now, some of you know that I have a stainless grill that can cook a small person without them having to bend their knees if so desired - just a joke but it is a big grill. I bought the grill as a second from a local stainless builder and after I got the thing home, I realized that the grill that I have paid a few hundred dollars for actually retailed in some places for as much as $4000. I have NO idea why anyone would pay that for this grill because its nice but it ain't $4K nice...FO SHO!

Well, Kim signed off on a Big Green Egg which is part grill but also smoker as well. You can pretty much do anything on an Egg from steaks to pork to pies...seriously. It acts like an oven or a smoker or a blazing hot grill. The stupid thing about the Egg is that it doesn't come with a stand so you have to either buy a "nest" or a table. I decided that I wanted to build a table versus throwing out $500 to the fine folks that build the Egg for their table. I should have done a before, during, and after pic but the finished product is all I have. I'm pretty pumped to use this thing and can't wait to smoke a pork shoulder for some home made BBQ!

Bob Villa I'm not...but I'm pretty pleased with this table. The final product with Egg and all looks like this:

I've had to improvise with a paver versus the granite only....because the stinking hinge was hitting the back of the table. I'll fix that later with a piece of granite that matches the current pieces but I didn't want to wait so I moved forward with some concrete. It'll beaight. (it will be alright for those that don't speak the tongue.)


Judith said...

I am sooooooo impressed! You have become quite crafty in your old age! Love the table and the "egg". Can't wait to sample some BBQ! We should try the low country boil again sometime! Love to all!

Anonymous said...

The green egg doesn't hit the table in any way does it?? Appears that there is a little room maybe??
Good job !!!!

Anonymous said...

Sweeeeet Deal!! Looks great! Love you and the girls! Mawmaw!