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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Another first!

I'm sure that all parents sit down and think about all the things they do for their offspring and at some point realize that every other parent in the world is sort of doing the same thing. So like tonight...we had a first for Reese and we reacted like she had won the Noble Prize.It was a simple first and it's feeling like more fluke than anything now, but its success and we'll take it.

Reese peed in the potty for the first time. It never happens the way you think it will....we weren't standing over her encouraging her to "go pee pee" and we weren't showing her how Mommy and Daddy are big kids and go pee pee too. Nope...the bath water was running, I was trying to get some stuff wrangled up for the bath, Kim was getting the normal spread ready and next thing you know...Reese had peed. She announced pee pee in the potty well before arriving to the scene but we didn't take her seriously. Yeah...whatever little bit. She's been sitting but not doing anything so we weren't real enthusiastic that a change was coming. Maybe that's the secret...not sure yet. We're not reading the pyscho babble pee pee instruction books yet so we're just as much a rookie as she is to the process.

Now....the potty episode was not followed with a "Hey...I gotta go again" before bed time but we'll take what we can get. I mean we pretty well through a party for the first one so maybe Reese was a little put out over the hub-bub and decided to just go the tried and true route for the last urination of the day. Either way....she went so we're very happy and hope to build on this as much as possible. YEAH REESE!!

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