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Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

This was Reese's first "real" Halloween and I'm hesitant to even say that this was real. It was  more of a trial run for next year. Our little 19 month old has no idea what candy is or what the whole process is about but more than anything...she just enjoyed being cute. She was such a great sport about walking to all of the houses and everyone was so in love with her outfit - an awesome hand-me-down from Reese's little friend Addison. I think the girl's wore the flower outfit well.

The night started off pretty well but she didn't care for the neighbor's servant that stood outside....

She was slightly freaked out by him. As awful as it may seem, we got her out of there pretty quickly and got her calmed down over at Krissy and Steve's....but she was a little gun shy of Andrew's outfit - The Scream ghost face that squirted blood...wonder why - so I don't know that she thought Krissy's house was a safe haven. She was pretty cool throughout the process though. She never really said Trick or Treat like she was supposed to but the experience was more of the goal this time.

We had a good time with the neighborhood kids, Reese enjoyed running around and screaming like a wild indian.....and at the end of the night....she ran off into the night looking for the Gweat Punkin. Happy Halloween baby girl. You did awesome.


Judith said...

Happy Halloween to the cutest little flower that I know! She looked precious!

Anonymous said...

love the pics, love the pereira's