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Thursday, November 11, 2010

What is it?

This is a test. Do you see what I see?

First, I'll share that this is my neighborhood and the pic is not the greatest in the world but I was lucky to have gotten the shot off.

Second, I'll also give some back story about that day and the years of stupidity that preceded this pic. This was Saturday morning around 10-ish in the morning and I was sitting in my house, nice and warm wearing a long sleeve Tshirt and some gym shorts. I was surfing the web, playing some music for Reese and then I saw something....

Lance and I used to freeze our arses off to go hunting in the fall. Sure, the peace and solitude is nice and every now and again you get to see something and maybe even pull the trigger. That was in the country....I froze mornings and afternoons and the biggest buck I ever killed was a seven pointer.

Check this mess out....
This six point buck ran across my yard in FREAKING WOODSTOCK and I didn't even have to walk into the woods, freeze, I could poop in peace on my own toilet, and I still saw a six point buck from the warmth of my office. I prefer hunting in the suburbs much better than in Fairmount.


Papa Hall said...

Aw Dude, you can't fool us Country Folk! That's the neighbor's decoy!I bet he paid big money to get one that looks that real!Anyway, good deer hunting in 'Burb's!What us country folk call homemade deer stands, you city folk call DECKS!

Judith said...

HAHAHAHA! I bet the ones from Fairmount country deer taste better than the Woodstock city deer! All those gas fumes.....where was your gun? I still love you!