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Monday, November 3, 2008

Boy OR Girl? Kim and I go to the specialist next Tuesday (November 11th) primarily because I was born with a cleft palate and the OB-GYN just wants to take an advanced look at what's going on with little bit. I'll save you the details of what a cleft palate is and why we're checking for it but the nice side effect of getting to take a look at our baby is that we'll finally know what we're having!

No more ambiguous baby references like Little One or Little Bit or Peanut or Elmo.....we'll finally be able to say HE or SHE and eventually a decided name of course. Believe it or not....we have some keepers. So, since we have a week I thought I would develop some polling data. All you have to do is go to the right and check Boy or can even track the poll and see where things stand so far. No long lines, no photo ID...nothing. Kimmy and I have this early voting thing down to a science but the poll will close November 11th at 8pm and by that time word will probably have made it around.

Thanks for voting!! We don't have any stickers that say "I Voted for Baby Hall" but we hope that won't deter you.


Future PaPa said...

"Future PaPa Hall" here wants a sweet little girl instead of all these hardtail,grassmowing,football wantabees.I've been waiting 13 years for this 9 month wait,so I say,BABY GIRL!! Of course if it's a hardtail BOY we'll be mowing yards and working with the tractor and watching Georgia Bulldog Footballand of course NASCAR races.Either way we'll be Thanking the Good Lord for everyday spent with them. The 2009 Edition of Papa Hall.

crystal_dit said...

Hey guys,

I just found out last night that your having a lil one. I'm soooo happy for you both. Many Blessings to you all. Love,
Crystal AKA Dittle

Judith said...

Well....this is Great Aunt Judith speaking here and I vote for a Big Ole Baby BOY!!! I can't wait to re-pay Adam for all the "grief" he's given me over my two brats!! Of course we will be tickled with a precious, sweet, baby girl too!! We can't wait to smother him/her with love and kisses!!! And of course teach her/him to say "chee-chee"!! LOL Love you both!!!