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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Summary - Halloween, Football, and more...

Kim and I love the fall and one of our newest fall rituals is to sit around our little fireplace on Halloween night to hand out candy. Lance and Celeste have attended the inaugural candy giving and now the 2nd Annual version....and man were we expecting a crowd since Halloween was on a Friday night. Encouraged by that fact, I felt like Kim was half out of her mind with the lack of candy the we had on Wednesday so she bought more while I was out of town. We got stuff for Smores, got logs on the fire, and settled in for some serious candy giving.....Yeah, we have a ton of candy left over. Halloween was a stinking bust. Probably 40 kids max. That might sound like a lot but neighbors assure me that in the years prior to the last two, you could hardly see the streets and homes resorted to handing out random items from the house because everyone run out of candy. Oh sure...we had a great time hanging by the fireplace. We had Mellow Mushroom pizza, smores, candy out the wa-wa, and the homecoming game for the Etowah Eagles could be heard pretty easily so we jammed out to the band most of the night.....but the stinking kids must have been at the game or so paralyzed by the economy that they stayed in (that was our neighbor's take.)

So toasty!

So Saturday was UGA and Florida going at it in Jacksonville. We lined up a sweet little party with Scott/Michelle/Addison, Daniel/Cathy/Emma, Scott's neighbor Mike, Ben/Sara, Shwan/Kelly, Lance/Celeste, and later in the day Ryan/Jenny stopped in....tons of folks....TONS of food....good friends and good weather......all this would have to equal a happy ending to this perfect fall Saturday. Mmmm mmmm. The dawgs got punished. Sad performance indeed. I mean I went all out with the tent, Scott brought brats and chicken, we had burgers, more snacky food than you could even touch. Cathy's gooey cheese caky thing was fan-freaking-tastic, and Shwan got all home town on us with Pumpkin pie and strawberry shortcake goodness. Ben and Sara appealed to my inner-mexican with a not quite seven layer dip but all of this friendship and fellowship....made for a pitiful game. We should just get together again and not center it around a UGA game. I didn't keep the camera close when everyone was here so all I got was a lousy picture of the tent on the deck. That was the only Bulldog thing that went even half way right.

Toward the end of the night, Addison decided to befriend Uncle Adam and at the same time nark out in my arms. What a sweetie. This is good practice for our little one.

Notice all the candy on the top of the fridge.....nice call Adam.

So then today, Kim and Michelle went shopping a some for preggy clothes and I stayed close rest up and watch even more football. The house was/is relatively spotless after our prep for the party yesterday so I didn't have to do a thing. I did find where the boys had made a GIGANTIC mess from the trash overflow....

This was after I raked up 90% of it.

After I cleaned that up, I rode my bike on the Tour de TowneLake which is a 7.2 mile circle around the house and it has been a goal of mine to break 30 minutes. It sounds easy right? Believe me, its a tough task to do this and Justin and I have been riding for weeks trying to break this time. Well, I had to take the pic because no one would believe me since I was by myself and no one will believe that the Cycle computer rolls off another 8 seconds but it does after you stop....either way, I present to you photo evidence of less than 30 minutes:

I touched the driveway at 29:50

That's my biiike. (ala Forrest Gump)

So at the end of the day, this blog has more to do with our journey towards being parents than anything. All of this stuff is cool and having parties and watching football is fun, riding the bike to lose weight has a purpose, but Kim and I are unbelievably excited about our little one and every day I understand more and more what parents go through because I'm there now. Seeing little Addison trust you when you hold her. Seeing Daniel's daughter, Emma, tell you with excitement about finding something as simple as a shiny rock but to might as well be a chunk of gold. We're ready now. I'm ready now. Kim feels Little bit move every now and again and that just blows my mind. Our little one is growing inside of her...that just doesn't compute for some reason. On the 11th of this month we'll find out what we're having and I'm excited but I'm worried too. The only view we have of little bit is one that essentially looks like a bean. Are the arms and legs there? Did my medicine effect anything? 10 fingers and toes? Is our baby ok? So many unknowns. I've never been forced to accept God...neither has Kim....but how could you possibly not believe in something far greater than you when this miracle is happening to us? Pray for us both. Pray for our unborn baby. Boy or girl....God already knows. HE already knows the trials and tribulations that this little one will face. HE already knows the triumphs and the victories....I just pray that Kim and I will be good parents and do all that we can to guide our little one in this world. The worries have just started....and we just want to know that everything is going to be fine.


Caroline said...

Go Gators!

Nadine said...

Hey Kim and Adam,
Congrats on your baby girl news. Just more girl power added to the family:) Good job Adam---
I guess you guys did not receive my condolence card when the Gators beats the Dawgs. There is always next year. Looking forward to your visit.
Later Gator!