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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday Summary...Flag football and naming baby!

What in the world was I thinking?

I'm 34 years old and not in necessarily in shape (albeit a blossoming cyclist) and I've signed up for a Flag Football league that starts December 6th. That being said, we had a little practice this weekend and I'm just a tad sore. As big as I am, I feel like I'm still able to do things that most wouldn't expect me to do, but man am I sore the next day. Holy smokes I hurt. I would rather ride any day of the week than run around chasing a football but it'll have to help my weight loss efforts and its too late because I've already paid to play.

After playing football for two hours Saturday, Kim and I decided it worthwhile to chill the rest of the day. My Mom and Dad (Future Grandparents) came down to do some shopping and they came by afterwards so we attempted to eat at Roadhouse Grill but the wait time was astronomical. When they don't tell you how long its going to take...that's a bad sign. We ended up eating at Taco Mac, came home, and then fell asleep within 30 minutes of getting home. Sunday started with my weary bones creaking from acting like I'm 12 but we got rolling and bought some wreaths for the upcoming holiday season to hang from the windows. We have some wreaths currently but they really stink.

I didn't take alot of pics to post but there wasn't much happening this weekend either. (Other than the Future GPs stopping in.) It's so nice to have a slow paced weekend again but the holidays are coming fast and the nursery project starts in some form next weekend. We find out Tuesday morning what we're having and Kim and I are so excited. We've got some names picked but I think we really need to know exactly what we're having so we can focus clearly. I just hope and pray that everything is ok. We're both so nervous but I think excitement is taking over at this point. For whatever reason, this will make the whole thing more real. Kim showing is making it real but finally being able to give our little one a name in the coming weeks is exciting. It appears that most are thinking baby girl based on the poll but I probably should have posted it sooner to get a better pool of voters. Eh well.

Keep the prayers coming and vote while you still can on our poll. We love all of you and thank you for all the prayers that have already been prayed. God has blessed us and we're just along for the ride.

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