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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Summary....Furniture, nursery work, and baby bumps

It's been pretty busy for us since we finally determined that we're having a little girl on Tuesday. I traveled the last half of the week but Kim and I both have been on name patrol. I'd have to say that we had the names licked if we were having a boy. We were thinking Aaden Benjamin or Carter somethingerother....probably Benjamin there too. Aaden or Carter...two fine names for a fine little boy. Well....God gives you what you need in life and we're blessed to be having a little girl instead. But.....we don't have names narrowed down so nicely as we did for boys. We have some choices but we'll wait to announce options until we've had time to think on it for a while.

We did, however, go to the Baby Store and order our furniture on Saturday. We ordered the crib, dresser, and a night stand. The crib will convert to a toddler bed, a daybed, and then a single bed as well and we bought the railings for that too. The crib/bed should last little girl for a while so I'm pleased with our decision.

This isn't the bedding that we like but I'll show you that as well. Let me tell you, from a rookie perspective on baby having, picking out bedding is a pain. You can't pick the frufru bedding, you can't pick the HOT PINK bedding, you can't go too pastel, but you can't be too plain either.

So we ended up deciding on a bedding called A la Mode. It hits all the right colors not being too bold or too soft, but even better, it doesn't cost an arm and a leg like some that we looked at.

It's hard to be manly and shop for girly bedding.

After shopping for baby girl in the morning...we went shopping for baby girl's room in the afternoon. The nursery projects have begun and whether she knows it or not, she'll have crown molding in her room because Daddy spent Sunday afternoon putting it up. We opted for these pre-made inside and outside corners that give things a little flair and keep me from dorking up the installation and it was surprisingly easy.


That dumpy fan is coming down too. The room looks a little plain but you add a little molding and guess what.


I'm telling you, those little corner things are a life saver. It's hard to see here but they're about a size bigger than the normal crown and it will allow for some detail once it's finished. I didn't feel like coping corners today so I was real happy. The overall plan for the room will allow for new base mold, some wainescotting, new paint, and a closet refurb. On top of that, we plan to re-carpet the upstairs and tighten up the loose/squeaky subfloors. I'm doing most of this to hold down the cost except for the carpeting. Yeah! I love projects!! But this is ok since it's for baby girl.

And last but certainly not least...Nana and PawPaw finally make the blog tonight. (I'm giving serious consideration to requesting an exchange of PawPaw for something our little one. We'll play that one by ear.) Nana, Pawpaw, and Aunt Celeste came down for some fajita eating and general catching up. I think the lake house may be closed for the winter so we're liable to see a little more of Nan and Chuck on the weekends now which will be nice. Uncle Lance was out getting bad guys or at least acting like it, so he didn't get to chow down with us but we didn't need instructions. We ate big, talked baby talk, I gave Chuck and Nan some older chairs that came with the house....thanks Scott and Shelly but they can use them more than I...and just smoked it over. Both Nan and Celeste noted that the baby bump is more noticeable so we decided to offer up the first baby bump photo tonight. Kim isn't always open to showing know, skin is the devil. So is fooseball. (Don't worry if that went past you....)

So here she is. Baby bump photo number one at week 21.

I think she looks beautiful.

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