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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Summary...Birthday party for Mary and Thanksgiving week!

Thanksgiving Week!! It's here and the holidays are officially upon us. We love this time of year and more so than ever before, we need the distraction from economic gloom and doom. Kim and I are dedicated to making this Thanksgiving and Christmas about our families and being thankful for what we have. It's also noteworthy that this is our last holiday season by ourselves. That's sort of sad from a selfish point of view but Kim and I are so very excited about every Christmas from now on having a baby girl grow into a little girl and a woman with her own family eventually. Everything appears to be fine with baby girl right now because she's moving more and more and the baby bump is starting to show {grin} even more! Well, on to the run down....

We hung with family a good bit this weekend starting off with Uncle Lance and Aunt Celeste for chow on Friday night. Then we went to the 'Hoon (Calhoun) Saturday afternoon for my Great Aunt Mary's birthday party. Mary is Papa's sister and she hasn't been in the best of health lately. She has Alzheimer's to the point that she might know the most familiar faces one minute and not the next. It's so sad to see her like that but so many people turned out for her birthday party and it was good to see alot of family.

Papa Hall Version 2.0 with an exceptional smile.

Kimmy and Elizabeth

One of the big topics at the dinner was Kimmy and the baby. My family (by and large) probably thought that Kim and I were never having kids so we were sort of a novelty last night. Everyone was very complimentary of Kim's progress....meaning that she barely looks pregnant so that made Kim feel very good. Robbie (my little cousin) thinks that the Doctor is wrong and we're having a little boy. He told Kim and I that he was just sick to his stomach about us having a girl! That kid is a trip. Elizabeth (Robbie's big sis...obviously enough my first girly cousin) is very excited that we're having a girl so that she won't be the only one any more. And finally Grandmother Helen was just happy in general. I would probably draw up about being a Great Grand-anything but she's just tickled about it.

Grandmother Helen and my Great Aunt Essie

I caught Mom by surprise.

We tested names on everyone and we got 50/50 results. Nothing is overwhelming one way or the other so we're just using alternate names in reference to her around the house for a real world test. Just for shiggles I might poll everyone to see what the poll would say.

After that Soccer Ryan and Jenny (sorry Peggy...I didn't know if it's with an I or a Y) came down to spend some time with us. Ryan is jumping into the world of home ownership this week and closing on his first home Wednesday! Kim and I are very proud of him and this will be a good thing for him to break out on his own. Congratulations Ryan! We also need to throw out a semi-late Happy Birthday to Sandy (Kim's sis). She's probably like 50 something by now so Happy Birthday Sandy!

So Sunday was our typical chill day. Some Target Christmas shopping, Lowe's for some chair rail that I'll be installing in the baby's room, and a little yard work between football. We chatted with our neighbors while they were putting up Christmas lights outside so now I'm on fire for putting up decorations! This week will be a fun week because it's less work and more play and I know the Kim and I both need that right now. We'll post prior to the day but Happy Thanksgiving in advance to all of our friends and family. We love and appreciate all of you and just ask that you keep praying for Kim and our baby girl.

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Nana said...

I like the new lay out of your blog.Can't wait till you call and tell us that you are on the way to the hospital!! She will bring so much joy to your lives..Love to you both...Nana