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Sunday, December 13, 2009

8 1/2 month update...

So we were on a regular kick of taking the "birthday" pic and then updating the status of Reese on a monthly basis. Then the croup entered our lives....and Christmas...and get the idea.

But rather than wait until December 27th to take another pic for the 9 month post, we decided that an 8 1/2 month update was better than no update at all. Oddly enough, all of her 11/27 pics were sicky pics but today she was actually running a pretty substantial fever today so she had rosie cheeks today. On that subject...we're sort of baffled by this fever. She had a 100.9 fever but no signs of anything. She was a little grumpy and seemed to be a little needy-er than normal but nothing major. The nurse line just told us to watch it and monitor the situation but she should be fine. is the 8.5 month collage:

Her list of accomplishments include:
  • Continues to sleep through the night but wakes up awfully early on the weekend.....6:30 - 6:45a
  • She is eating all types of baby food but doesn't really care for Green Beans and can pass on Peas too.
  • She takes a 6oz bottle in the morning then drinks 4 more 5oz bottles through the day for a total of 26oz of formula.
  • During three of the midday feedings, she eats a 3.5oz baby food so she is getting 10.5oz of baby food daily.
  • She is crawling EVERYWHERE. 
  • She pulls up on furniture and can finally kneel back down when she wants to move on. 
  • She sits up perfectly and is moving from side to side when she sits.
  • Reese recognizes her name now and turns quickly toward you when you call her.
  • She understands No.....but doesn't always comply.
  • She loves electrical outlets.
  • She loves the little covers for the electrical outlets.
  • Reese has no fear of falling off of anything. She will roll to the edge of the bed without hesitation.
  • She is jabbering pretty well now with Mamamamama, Dadadadadadaa, Nanananananana, and mrwawaaaaaaaaa being some of her favorite words.
  • Reese loves to watch Baxter on the deck. She will SCREAM with excitement when Bax comes up.
  • She just moved (at 8.5 months) to the big girl tub in our Master Bath....because our hardwood floors couldn't soak up any more water from bath time.
  • Her hair is getting wilder.
  • She only has two teeth but it seems like some top teeth are ready to poke through.
  • She still naps twice each day for roughly an hour each time.
  • She loves her new baby sitter Sherry.
  • Reese has to have something touching her face to sleep "well".
  • She smells/sniffs/feels her shirt sleeve as a comfort mechanism.
  • Smiles like crazy....
  • And loves her mommy.

There are tons of other things that she is doing but this pretty well hits the high spots.

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