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Monday, December 21, 2009


The email that I posted wasn't really a good update on the fam so I thought I would sort of add to the life and times of AK&R.

Reese was a gem all weekend. She is becoming so interactive and just such a pleasure to be around. She is learning all the time, laughing, investigating, looking, playing....she is just an amazing little girl and she's so much fun. Even better...she loves to shop. Well....let me be a little clearer about that last sentence....she sleeps very well while we're out. Our Saturday started with some biscuits and we got cleaned up and presentable...then headed out to the Mall of all places. The last Saturday before Christmas and Kim and I are waltzing into the lion's den. Are we crazy?

Reese got in her B.O.B. stroller, got comfortable, and in about 10 minutes...was the head baby in charge of Sleepytown. We hit tons of shops in the mall and then got chow and then shopped some more and the entire time Reese was amazing. Check her out chilin' in her new Columbia jacket from Papa and Gramma.

Then Sunday we stayed close to the house and cleaned up the compound a little bit in a slow, week long progression toward Christmas Eve dinner that we normally host. We're also planning our shopping for the Million Dollar cookie-fest that ADAM ends up doing without the assistance of his lovely wife. She tires of the fun after about 10 batches....and so do I. There will probably be a cookie post later on in the week so you can ogle my cookie goodness.

Between now and then, Reese is smiling for Mommy and Daddy....

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