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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Daddy's home...

I don't mind travel...but I don't particularly care to travel around the holidays and I've just completed my last run for the better part of the month and I'm REEEEEAAAAAL happy about being back home.

Tonight was a bath night for Reese and she has been in a great mood....I like to think its because Daddy is home but she's a pretty happy girl regardless.

Speaking of bath....I think we've finally rounded the corner with Reese and will be giving her a bath upstairs now. We tried it in the spare bath but that just stunk. The room is small and it just didn't work. So we are going to try to do this in the Master bath since we have some room in there and the tub is big. Little bit was washing the floors for us tonight with all of the splashing in the sink and we just decided that things need to change a little...or the floors will begin buckling.

And is our little one playing with her tree lights in the office. My parents bought her a little tree and we've decorated it with some lights that Reese thinks are hers.

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