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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas cards have been ordered....

Now we just have to mail them when they get here. And let me just point out that this little process has been a new one for Kimmy and myself.

Never in my life have I put so much pressure on myself to "create" something unique yet practical. Don't fit into the normal mold but...don't spend a fortune on the baby's first Christmas card by trying to do something different. Having said all of that, we're not the most creative folks on the block but Snapfish makes things so stinking easy. We use pretty simple web tools around here...Picasa, Blurb, and now Snapfish. I'd love to say that we're all techy and use Photoshop at its highest level but we're not. I need to take a class and then I might prefer it but for now - call me a simpleton.

On a health news front...we may be pulling out of the doldrums of sickness. ((at least we hope!)) Reese hasn't had such a runny nose over the past day or so. She still wakes up with crud in her throat and nose but she coughs through that in short order especially with the help of a bottle. On an even better front...Our new babysitter seems to be working out very well. Reese hasn't whined once when Kim dropped her off which was a concern at the beginning and Sherry seems very good with her. I also think that the other baby being there is allowing some interaction that will be good for Reese long term. So good.

Finally, we're prepping for a big weekend around here. SEC Championship, Baby dedication/Baptism/Christening....whatever your poison, and folks coming over in droves after church. I think we'll be ready for a nap on Sunday afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a Reesie Tree to Me!Papa Hall

Anonymous said...

Hey if you need help in PhotoShop...I can help...I work in every single day doing "yellow page ads"...yeah! The little girl is sooo adorable! I love the pic with the her in the middle of the Christmas lights. Merry Christmas to you and your family!
North Georgia