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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Home made salsa...


I'll fess up to the fact that I made two versions. Hot and Mild. I always make my salsa way too hot for everyone else but just right for me. Now...with the Hot version, I think I've made it a little too hot for my liking. Good Lord my sinuses are clear with just a small taste.

This all goes to work for our week long chow-fest and I'll be hurting Wednesday night because of it. But its oh so good!

Next subject....Where has this month gone? We used to sit back and sort of laugh at all of the talk about how stressful the holidays are and I'm not saying we're stressed but I think we took on more than we should have with Reese's Baptism early this month, new cards, shopping, decorating, work, and on, and see the cycle? Silly stuff that really isn't important but its made important in our minds because it's Christmas.

For example...we are taking Reese to see Santa Claus Wednesday night. It's a photo op. That's it. She isn't going to settle in with the old man and share her wish list. She isn't even going to remember him next year so that she might not be terrified of him. It's for us...But what low life parent wouldn't take their kid to Santa? Those are not our words...its more of mindset amongst us parents. It's more like memory building and laying groundwork for traditions.....yeah...that's it. And you know what, I'm ok with that but December should come equipped with 45 days so that you can cram everything in.

The countdown is on and I have so much more to do. Where is the pause button?

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