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Sunday, December 6, 2009


Today Kim and I committed to raising our daughter in a home filled with faith and to teach her about God until she is able to understand the choices she will make on her own.....oh my Lord...that's a tall order.

I can barely keep up with my own issues much less ensure that Reese is on the straight and narrow but that's what we agreed to do. In good times and bad...Reese is the priority and her faith should mirror ours. She has been dedicated to the family of faith and the about that. Today was the first time that we ventured into church with Reese and even more to the point, the first time back to Sam Jones Methodist since we moved more than two years ago. It was good to get back there. That church is such a great place and the people are just incredibly nice but I would have to admit that there was a sense of shame on my part that we've been so far removed from church.

It's just too easy to stay home. We don't sleep in anymore on Sunday (Reese wakes up REALLY early for the weekend) and we just haven't made the commitment to start going again....pretty weak excuse, I know, but that's what we've been doing.We need to find something close to home but we're just not feeling the same vibe that our old church produced.

If you know me any at all, you'll learn (or come to learn) that I'm a somewhat emotional how I manned that up a little? So having said that, today was an awesome experience for a brand new Daddy. I witnessed the first of many milestones in my baby girl's life. As Bill walked into the crowd with my little girl...with her smiling the whole way...I felt something so special for Reese. I was proud of her...proud of what Kim and I have been able to put together in a few short months. Proud of this little girl that was being claimed by the church as one of their own. I have to tell you....being a parent is challenging. She tests us everyday. It strains our (Kim and I) relationship sometimes and bends the levels of what we WANT to do versus what we NEED to do.....but I think that God rewards that stress with moments like today.

I'm no saint...not even close. But I'm still able to feel God pulling at my heart. Today was a great day...Mommy and Daddy love you Reese. We love you very, very much.


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doubletrouble said...

Congratulations Adam and Kim! She is so beautiful and looked precious in that dress! We should get these babies together soon!