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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back to normal blues....

Does this happen to every family?

That lull after the holidays where you're sitting amongst your family and friends only to realize that the countdown is on to normal again. Ugh...I hate normal after the rush of the Christmas holidays. It literally flies by and savoring the time is all too often forgotten in lieu of getting everything done.

Kim and I have been off since Christmas Eve...she had to work that day and I helped get things sort of put together for our Chili dinner...11 days later and I'm bummed because work starts again in earnest Monday morning. All the time that I've spent with Reese, all the time that I've spent with Kim will now be reduced to how quickly I can escape the grasp of the office and what we can cram into the 4 hours or so that I get with my loved ones each day. Out of a 24 hour day....I get roughly 4 hours with them...No wonder I'm sad about the holidays ending.

Travel begins again, Kim's Grandfather isn't well at all so there will be tough days ahead on that front, and sadness of all is over. Early January really bites. ((Sorry Dad....his birthday is January 9th so that day doesn't suck so bad)) I know that so much of this pales in comparison to Kim's grandpa on a sadness meter but I'm trying not to drive all of us into a complete depression so I mix in less important things as well.

This vacation time has been good for my soul. It has been nice to re-connect with Kim on the days that Reese stayed with the sitter. It has been nice to play with Reese for hours and hours and then put her down for naps and adore her complete exhaustion with her world. It has been good to pray a little more and ask for guidance without having to stop and start that prayer in between phone calls at the office. It has been good to enjoy the house decorated with love and lights everywhere in the neighborhood. It has been good to focus less and less on myself....and more and more on my family. This season has been good......

I guess my struggle is to keep some part of this season alive for a while. Everything changes back to "standard" so more holiday music, decorations, lights in the yards around the neighborhood, the XM Holiday radio station is back to Love songs ((dammit)), gatherings, parties, shopping lists, cards in the all comes to such an abrupt end. But with time....all things seem to pass and along September of next year when the weather starts to cool just a bit Wal-Mart will put up Christmas displays in an attempt to wear out so many of us with the Christmas season. It doesn't work on me....I love it. September through December are my favorite months and I'll have to say that this fall has been wonderful and now I need to shake off the blues of Christmas and get ready for Reese's 1st will be here before we know it.

Winter has sent in here in Atlanta with no signs of mid 40's for more than a week....I like that....Snow chances are on the rise....I like that....Super Bowl and playoff football.....I like that......Fire in the fireplace....I like that....Hot chocolate....mmmm I like that.....Kim and Reese.....I LOVE that. Maybe this winter thing isn't so bad after all. I just need to set my mind to the best things and embrace the minutes that I do have to enjoy them.

I'm thankful for the time that I've had off this holiday season....I'm thankful for my job but I'm sooo very thankful for this time off.

Memories of Christmas 2009 and the fall season in general....


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Mary Kate said...

our chairs came from pottery barn...they are called anywhere them! your little reese is getting so big...time flys when your having fun, huh??