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Friday, January 15, 2010

Updates!! And our Nine month check ups....

Our little family is back together now....aahhhh this week is over. Thank you Lord.

Early in the week Kim had to travel one night and then the last half of the week I had to travel. Ugh. I only slept next to my wife one night this week and that is no Bueno. Our schedules just sort of got out of whack and these weeks are a bear now with a little one.

Speaking of the little early Birthday present arrived for her today.

We bought her an anywhere chair for the big transformation that goes down this weekend. Our current office will become Reese's play room...and the office moves to the Dining room that isn't really a Dining room. Because now, well, its an office. Anyway...Reese got home this afternoon and she played around a little and then went straight to it. I think this is going to be a hit...

What a face right? This is one of those shots that you get in between yawning, yelling, and jabbering Reese. She almost looks drunk.

Anyway, her little chair is just the beginning because her play table is on the way as well. The change over from office to play room is really going to be a hit for us and the rooms will be used to their optimum now. to important stuff.
At six months Reese weighed 20lbs 10oz.
At nine months Reese now weighs 23lbs 13oz.....above 95 percentile.

At six months Reese was 27 1/4 inches.
At nine months Reese is now 29 1/2 percentile 95

And her head circumference has increased by nearly one inch to 47 3/4 inches....above 95 percentile.

Her measurements are fine because she is perfectly proportional in her gains from newborn to now. She has been given a green light on a wide variety of foods if she'll not gag when she eats them and now the fun begins for Mommy and Daddy at dinner time...yeah messy food!!!!

We'll get into pics of the office transformation tomorrow or Sunday and cover some general stuff from the last week as well. In the meantime, I'll close with my little one asserting her will on some of her toys. I can just here her saying to some little toy in that pile....SILENCE!!! I KEEL YOU!!!


Anonymous said...

she is getting so big, still looking alot like her daddy, i do see a bit of kimmie.. give her a kiss

Anonymous said...

oops, lovew aunt sandi