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Friday, January 8, 2010

Week one down...

Friday.....Thank you Lord.

Last Sunday I posted about the lack of desire to get back at it. This Friday....I still don't have much desire but unfortunately the companies that I call on could care less about my level of commitment at present and simply demand full participation. That's a fancy way of saying I've been forced back into the grind of sales goals and putting out fires.

The sad part of work versus vacation has been the time with Reese. I cannot wait for this weekend so the we have two days with our little squirt uninterrupted. If I leave the office at 5:30p that means I get home around 6p and Reese traditionally goes to bed around 8:30p. 2.5 hours......really? I mean seriously that's all I get? That is so frustrating that I can't tell you. I had better change the subject before I say more than I should.

On a different note...we're lazy and haven't taken down the Christmas tree yet and plan to do that Saturday. I would like to get out of the house and do a little shopping of some kind and then pick up the place a little bit. Saturday is Papa's (my Dad) 55th birthday and Sunday marks the passing of my Papa three years ago. It's hard to think of Dad being 55 years old but it doesn't make sense that I'll be 36 this year either. On top of the bitter cold this weekend it should be a good one so Kim and I are heading to bed so we're ready for the wild woman when she wakes.

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Tara said...

enojoy the weekend!