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Friday, January 22, 2010

Bath time....

Every other night (currently) is bath night and while bath night used to be a little bit of a pain....recently Kim and I have been able to gather our bearings on this process and we now have a much smoother event.

About a month or so back, we moved into the master bath for bath time...Prior to that we were still using the tub and the kitchen sink. I mean the kitchen was nice when Reese was little but then she began to learn about splashing and playing with toys in the kitchen and we couldn't keep things dry enough. So after the bathroom are still due and will come, I promise....we made the move upstairs and it has been a dream ever since.

Reese has always been such a good sport about taking a bath and now that she has little foam letters and numbers to chew on....she likes it even better.

We tested the tub the other night with the jets on and she didn't really care for that. What was funny as all hell was all of these toys just zipping around the tub and Reese sort of not caring about that so much as wanting to leave the situation behind.

Once we get done with the scrubbing and rinsing, we put Reese on the counter and I'll brush her hair because she's like her daddy and loves for her head to be massaged and/or scratched. I use my brush instead of hers and she just loves it.

Some serious contemplating going on here.

We dry her, put on a diaper, throw on the jammies and then dry her hair and then she is ready for the bottle and bed. She is so content when Kim dries her hair because Kim lets her hold the lotion bottle. I mean some serious studying is taking place with that lotion bottle. She's got an intense side to her no doubt......


doubletrouble said...

Too cute! love the pics! Lauryn LOVES that aveeno lotion bottle too! I can't believe you were able to bath her in a little tub for so long. Mine all went into the big tub in their bathroom right from the start (well, after the sponge baths. But, I had a great cushion that laid right in the tub, b/c i never could get the hang of using those plastic tubs.) :) Love all the new pics latlely...keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

We love all of the pictures and the stories of yourselves (Adam & Kim) and of course Miss Reese and her facial expressions sometimes make me laugh and then some bring a tear to the eye.Love you Reese! Papa and Gramma Hall

オテモヤン said...
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