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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Changes around the house....

First thing I want to do is get all political for just one second...this is our blog and I don't normally touch on these items but I think it fair to note that today...the voters in Massachusetts voted to replace the late liberal Senator Edward Kennedy with a Republican that was never even given a shot of success no more than two weeks ago. Why is this important? It abruptly changes the course of the Obama mandate of unchecked power. Health Care reform....Republicans now have enough votes for a filibuster if significant changes aren't made in this despicable law that was about to be shoved down our throats. Keep in mind...this happened in the heart of liberal democratic country and this speaks LOUDLY about the change that America asked for when they voted for Obama....this was not what was envisioned. The people spoke today....In one small state in our union...the people spoke. Thank you God that we live in America.

ALRIGHT ALRIGHT....enough of the politics on the baby blog.

Our house has been a little bit of a mess of late....One reason, Reese is into everything. I mean EVERYTHING. Another reason, an attempt to make the house a little more user friendly, we opted to move the office out of the sunroom and into our dining room. You see, we don't have a fancy dining room set but we have a nice place to eat in the breakfast nook of our kitchen. It's not so much a nook as it is just a small place to eat and our table goes there. That being the case, this leaves our dining room empty and void of anything useful. It has been the diaper changing station, play room, Christmas tree room, catch all junk hole...well no more. Its Kim's home office now and looks pretty sporty if I say so myself.

The sunroom/office...well that's Reese's playroom now. She is growing so much these days. You can just see the changes coming...her mind is working a mile a minute and she is investigating new things, trying new things, testing her body in new ways - standing, leaning, pulling, pushing, crawling, and taking an occasional spill over her new chair. Last night she went shoe diving and ended up going end over end out of her new chair but she never whimpered or got hurt for that matter. She is simply too much fun right now.

Our nights have been a little busy or I would post some pictures of the changes but I'll hit that Wednesday. I should also have pics available of our new bean bag.....The largest bean bag the world....big as a small country... And the new play table that I'm hoping will be a hit for Reese as she gets older. I put together the drawers tonight and I'm hoping to put the table together next. And I will force Kim to update the pic-a-day blog because she is simply a slacker and needs prodding from time to time....Love you Hon. (It's so red to say Hon or Hun instead of Honey isn't it?)

Pics tomorrow and better updates from the wife...I promise.

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