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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's Cold Outside!!

So....Reese is starting to look like Randy from "The Christmas Story" but isn't she adorable?!

News around the homestead is that it MAY snow on Thursday but our local weather folk are so freaking non-committal about the whole thing that this could be a sign that snow is going to rain down from the heavens in buckets or it could just spit random snow flakes. I'm wondering if the latter is less likely than the former because Atlanta weather folk are traditionally quick to dismiss light weight snow events but this one has been comical because no one wants to start the riot at the local stores......hey...thanks for making a random guess unlike the other days when you seem to hit it dead on.....Yep....We really appreciate the candor and honesty weather turds.

I can write a paragraph or two about weather(men/women) and the sorry attempt at forecasting with all of the technology that they have access to but they seemingly continue to use a Farmer's Almanac.....anyway.

I'm hoping for snow that is knee deep and wind driven!! Bring it!!

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