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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Beautiful Sunday and a better baby girl.... would appear that our little one is breaking this two week cycle of sickness. Thank you Lord!!!

Today has been a great day. Her awesome little attitude is back, she is playful, happy, smiling, and very inquisitive. She's even getting less upset when Kim leaves her sight. Not that she's ok with it but she's not going into full on meltdown anymore. Reese still has a bit of a cough but nothing as pronounced as the past several days and it would appear that the meds prescribed are having the desired effects based on everything we're seeing. We can't be thankful enough. It's been so hard on hard. And in turn on us because we just haven't been used to her feeling so down for so long.

Our Sunday was pretty chill....just like we like 'em. I slept in by accident (K&R had a early morning thanks to a coughing spell so they went down stairs and slept a little) we took it easy during the morning, I worked out for a bit, Kim took a walk with Reese and we grilled out steaks tonight in honor of the amazing weather that has been in place this weekend. Yes...I know it will not last but its just nice to feel not so pinned in for a change. Kim and I have decided that Spring and Summer are going to be wonderful for us since we've been so accustomed to bundling Reese up all the time and this was a nice prelude for what to expect with a toddler.

I also caught up on some pics of Reese since she finally looks like a million bucks again....she was looking like a buck fifty the other day...and we just played and enjoyed the day. I love days like this and believe me when I tell you that you appreciate them more when they have been few and far between.

So...on to the pics. This is our attempt at training Reese to eat other Cheerios. She actually ate a few this weekend and that is a minor miracle all on its own. She loves Yogurt Melts but anything else that you pick up...eeehhh. Not so much. This was the cutest sight because Reese would feed Kim and then Kim would turn around and feed Reese. It was so precious and they did this for a couple Cheerios so we may be turning a corner on this one.

The story on this one is Reese can't stand it if we're not in her line of sight...More directly Mumma. If Mumma ain't visible...there is liable to be hell to pay. So we bring her into the office/should-be-dining room and she plays with various things. This time it was slender blue and yellow post it strips. This kept her captivated for a good 15 minutes which is pretty amazing because everything I read says she shouldn't have an attention span of more than about 4 minutes and then she'll be bored with whatever she was doing. Not these post-its. They seem to have magical powers or something.

And've heard of a bull ring right? Well...we opted not to go through her nose. Just thought that seemed like a bit much.

That's sort of it folks....I'm tired, my legs hurt and the Olympics are calling my name. We'll keep the recovering baby updates coming but it's so great to have her back to semi-normal. I just hope we can keep it that way for a while!!


Tara said...

Cute kid!!!! Ramsey loved cherios and cheese slices.

zane hollingsworth said...

Glad she's feeling better.