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Sunday, February 28, 2010

11 Months....What is Reese doing now??

The changes are just too numerous to cover right now...Our little girl is just becoming such a fun little person. Of course, so much of her attitude and fun loving personality were muted during the two week sickness from hell but Reese is back and she has been such an amazing little girl since feeling better.

Reese is doing the following:
  • All through her 10th month she was walking in bits and pieces. Now at the beginning of the 11th month, she can walk the length of our living room!
  • She crawls when she really wants to get somewhere fast.
  • She LOVES books. 
  • She can climb all the way up our stairs.....secured by Mommy or Daddy of course.
  • She is finally starting to eat other things like...Teddy Grahams, Cheerios, Goldfishes, Diced pears, she tried oranges this morning and didn't want to but she ended up eating them, she'll eat mashed bananas, cares nothing for bread, she usually eats 6 oz of formula in the morning, eats some type of fruit and 4 oz of formula for breakfast, lunch is fruit and veggie...still #2 or #3 baby food with 4 oz, then her dinner is a #3 baby food with some type of meat or protein ---- no bottle ( I love) and then a 6 oz before bed.
  • Her number one finger food is yogurt melts.
  • She feeds herself all of the finger foods and has shown interest in the spoon so we got some smaller ones just to see what she'll do.
  • Words include, Mama, Dada....whispers it for some reason, starting to say Papa, Nana, Uh-oh, Thank you on occasion, and tries very hard to say Touchdown when we yell it and hold up our arms. You can also say READY.....and she'll say GO! But sometimes it sounds more like Dough!
  • She understands words like: eat, bottle, no, come here and so many others....she will respond to simple commands like put that in my hand.
  • She loves to pull things out of something and put it back in....tissues, zip bags, blocks, bathtime name it. She'll either put them in something like a cup or take them out of what they belong the zip baggies.
  • Seems to be finally at peace with hair bows...until now it was a constant fight to keep one in. Thus the horrible hair pics.
  • Sleeps from 8pm until roughly later though. No later at all.
  • She takes two naps and they seem to be getting longer for Mommy and Daddy but roughly the same for Sherry.
  • She is amazed by other children and loves to watch them.
  • Has four top teeth and three bottom teeth.
  • Wears 18 month clothes.
  • Cannot stand to have on shoes or socks.
  • All of the sudden, despises the hair dryer. 
The walking and the food thing are the two that get me. Kim come up with some sort of food sharing deal where Reese would feed Kim and then Kim would feed Reese....all of the sudden Reese is eating things that she would have normally turned her nose to. Amazing....

All in all, Reese is fast becoming a may be time to think about another baby for her to play with. :)

We love this little girl so much.....Pics like this just drive it home.

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Tara said...

I am glad she is doing so well. She is adorable!