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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I love the smell of snow....

Well, I guess its really the fireplaces burning wood that I really like but I always associate that smell with brisk winter nights with the world covered in snow. I'm sort of done with winter but one last snow rolled through today....or so it would seem this is it....and it's just neat to sit and stare at your normal world covered in white.

The contours of the ground are visible at night with nothing more than moonlight shining in the sky. Rough edges are smoothed over, kids are out playing in the cold air, and that smell.....smoke rolling from a fireplace and filling the air with a smell that is undoubtedly winter. I'm looking so forward to some warmer weather but today was nice. It was nice to watch snow fall all morning and not really worry about the roads....Although wet and drizzly, the precipitation was frozen and perfect enough for a snow loving southerner.

With winter outside the window...I got the 11 month collage completed and grabbed a couple of other pics to show off of little Reese....enjoy. And stay warm.
The collage isn't even in terms of months so it sort of made sense to pair the most recent with one of the very first at the bottom.

I just got lucky that you can read the paper and she was sort of looking in the right direction...

Reese and Mommy being cute...

I love the hands bundled up next to her face....She was sort of being cute versus just having them up there. She turned to look my way but the pic blurred out or I would have had a keeper pic.

Good night all!

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