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Monday, March 8, 2010

Super Dad?

I'm no Super Dad by any means but tonight was a reminder of what my wonderful wife does while I'm traveling...she is a Super Mom and an amazing wife and deserves to be appreciated out loud.

Kim rarely travels...but this is one of those weeks where her schedule and my schedule intertwined. I was supposed to travel last week but a surprise phone call to my new dermatologist and an impromptu appointment change for last week led me to cancel my trip. Now, I travel this week....but Kim has a deal that popped up like last second and now...she travels this week as well. We'll literally pass each other like strangers in the night on Wednesday as she comes in and I head out...and Nana fills the gap.

So back to Super Dad status...I don't know if this is what other Dad's do but I've sort of settled into this role of prep guy. Almost like a stage manager. I make sure bottles are ready, chow is lined up, hold the bag for the poopy diapers, take out the trash, wash clothes, wash bottles, play with Pooks, and anything else that needs random attention. PLEASE NOTE....Kim does all of these things as well but these are my specialties. Kim has been blessed with the patience of Job so she can actually feed Reese whereas I would have a coronary if I had to feed her regularly. All of the inadvertent swatting and arm swinging would mean the Hall's would own stock in Shout!. She cooks...I wash. I'll load laundry....neither one of us fold that well. Something about the folding....Anyway

Kim is the tip of the sword where I take a support role....all of the behind the scene stuff, but tonight...I'm stage manager, lead actor, and the guy in the front row. I'm everywhere all at once and Grand Pooba in charge of food, poop, and cleanliness. It's not rocket science...but it is a challenge sometimes.

The Daddy Daycare Olympics include picking up Reese from Daycare which was really uneventful but the car seat is not a friend of mine. I don't stand a chance to medal in that event so I sort of latch everything nice and tight and Reese protests...Chillax honey. Home is just around the corner. So we arrive home and get inside ready to feed baby girl....Again, a non-medal event for Adam but I put focus and determination into the event and end up getting a bronze. She ate well, we didn't wear anything that we ate, and she finished everything. A surprise to be sure and the judges scored me favorably for the food combo.

Next, go get Daddy something to eat. Uh...Chick-fil-a? Wendy's? No....Moe's. I'll go there with a little one and eat messy food. Long story short, Reese gets the medal here. Gold! She was awesome. A perfect little lady and didn't freak not even once when I went to get a drink refill....strategically located only steps away from our table. Dad, however, puts down a World record time for eating a Billy Barou and consuming a drink.

Come home...BATH TIME. I'll be brief. The child is clean....her hair is dry....and she has on clean clothes. Outside of that, Dad was a DNF. Oh, she got her bath but I don't think cleaning Daddy was the ultimate goal.

Last bottle of the night and bedtime....another Gold. She killed her bottle and went down like a dream. She is truly a joy and while washing bottles sucks and being a bachelor doesn't mean what it used to in terms of coming and going how I please....I wouldn't change it for the world. I love being Reese's daddy and we miss Mommy dearly but we've got this thing.....KIND OF.....covered.

Yeah...Mommy is amazing and Daddy is soooo not worthy. Love ya sweets....

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Anonymous said...

You guys work together which so many couples do not !! Bringing a young one into this world is a life time commitment.No one said raising kids is easy..I think you are a fantastic dad and Kim a wonderful mother. Reese comes by it honestly Adam.. when Kim leaves the room she starts looking or crying for her..Kim was the same way with me...Building a bound with your children when they are young means sooooo much later on in life.See you later today..
Anxious to see our little miss Reese..
Love, Nana