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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

DST Sucks....

I've lived for 30 something mind is leaving me because I can't even remember how old I am...and I've never really contemplated the uselessness of Daylight Savings Time. For a brand new parent....DST is simply something to screw with your schedule.

We've had a great thing going since November but all of the sudden something changed this weekend....the time.

In true form, Reese has been a champ with the changes but now her body clock is a little off. She sleeps until about 8am versus 7am and what's even stranger is that she'll go to bed basically a full hour earlier. So I'm sure the natural progression is to ask what's wrong with that. Well, nothing really. But I just don't see this lasting. Some how all good things come to an end and the new normal is what I'm afraid of. This is a case of the devil that you know is better than the devil that you don't.

7am wake ups were predictable. You could count on them. I don't think that I can count on this 8am business so I've decided to protest DST because while it has initially brought a decent run of "extra" sleep, I'm worried about that early wake up that will be coming....when we least expect it.

While I protest the time change and picket in my driveway...enjoy some Reese pics from this weekend...

Someone doesn't like her hair clippy.
 Tickle time....

How sweet is this?

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