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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The pillows have had it!!!

This time in Reese's life is by far the most interactive and resulting in the most laughs that we have enjoyed in her short year with us. It's pretty amazing to think that this little girl came into the world not being able to do anything on her own and now she is feeding herself finger foods, trying to manage a spoon with Mommy's help, holding her own bottle, walking, crawling, playing, dancing, and just enjoying life.

So....what did you do with your year? Did you learn a new language? Reese did....she can mimic us and finish basic words. Did you learn to eat using your feet? Well, Reese might as well have done this because her hands were about as foreign to her as our feet are to us in the beginning. Did you literally learn to contort your body in new ways so you could move around? Reese did. She rolled over, got on her knees, crawled and now walks. I can't even do a stinking back flip on dry land (I can in a pool) but Reese literally learned to use her body this year. Did your stomach adapt to an entirely new type of food? Reese's did...she is getting ready to ween off of the swill they call Formula and is eating solids in the span of 12 months. I didn't even try a new TYPE of food much less something totally new to my body.

I think sometimes Kim and I don't even realize that she is doing all of these wonderful things so quickly and that Reese must feel as though she's conquering the world! No wonder two year old fits start setting in because the learning curve slows down and then they realize that they are NOT, in fact, invincible. It is, however, pretty amazing that our complex bodies adapt so quickly to the surroundings we're placed in.

One of the newest and probably funniest treats that we get now is Reese and her affinity for pillows. Never mind the fact that our sofas are many years old and in we are in dire need of replacement pillows and sofas...Reese simply yanks pillows to the ground and then inflicts her will upon them. Its sort of sad in a way because those pillows don't stand a chance. Reese is the master of them and she will strike down on thee with FUUUUURIOUS vengeance (apologies to Pulp Fiction). But it sure is funny right now.


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