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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Inspiration from a blog?

Blogging is different from Facebook or Myspace or any of that other stuff. Blogging is opening up your life through pictures and paragraphs in an almost unedited and oddly "safe" format. I don't have to shove my thoughts down your throat because you came here to check us out...Facebook...not so much ---- although I will admit a new found appreciation for the site that I once despised. My point is that I can open up my mind in the written format and sort of offer tidbits of wisdom, humor, sarcasm, or even inspiration.

Well, we've found a bit of inspiration in two blogs that we follow....I'll share thoughts on the other blog later but I'd like to suggest you stop in to read about a couple named Katie and Jason. Their blog, Katie's Keepers, highlights what seems to be a phenomenon in Arkansas....talented women with inspirational souls seemingly connected via blogs and colleges. It's an interesting trend that they have going there in Arkansas but what makes Katie's blog inspirational for the way she writes about the birth and loss of her daughter last August. The little girl died the day before my birthday and her name is Reese. I say her name IS versus WAS because Katie keeps this little girl's memory alive in her heart and on her blog. Her faith in God is stirring because she praises versus lashing out in a way that is simply moving and her words make us eternally grateful for our little Reese.

When we picked the name Reese, we enjoyed the fact that her name wasn't overly popular so when we hear the sort of links you some how....does that make sense? Katie was able to have pictures made in the hospital before her daughter passed and these pictures conjure up our own experiences in the hospital almost one year ago with our little Reese. Her words are powerful and inspirational....she is truly touching lives by living and posting about it on her blog. We love Reese so much, but when we see and read the story that Katie makes us appreciate our blessings with more intensity.

This family is now expecting another child in July. A little boy to be born shortly before the one year anniversary of their Reese's birth and passing. We all know that time heals all wounds but we know from her words that this mother will never heal completely from the loss of a little girl gone too soon.

Inspiration from a blog....I only hope that someone can find inspiration from my life. I probably need to change some things and I believe following the example laid out by this young woman is a good place to start.

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