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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Whatchu doing?!

Taking a line from this little boy that used to live next to us...Hey...WHATCHU DOING????
Well...we've had a rough run here lately. That's what we've been doing.

I told you about throw up baby...then throw up Mama....then Daddy leaves for Miami and is absolutely hoping and praying that he doesn't become throw up Daddy. Well, I didn't. I avoided the plague but what did happen was Kim's Grandfather passed while I was in Miami....I had been strategically avoiding planes on the outset that something would surely happen as soon as I became "locked" into a trip and so sadly, it did.

You saw my post about wanting to be back home with my wife and daughter to be their rock and their support during this time and how I couldn't mesh the plan together because of weather......well it could have been worse. I was moved to a flight at 2:30P on Friday afternoon from my canceled 7pm flight on Friday night. American Airlines will undoubtedly fly in garbage conditions and the pansies that I'm forced to fly called Delta will not. I will remember this Delta....I will remember it. BUT, not like my friend Daniel and my boss. They were bumped from the same 7p Friday night flight...put on a 6:30a flight Saturday morning...that canceled...then over to a 7:30a flight...that canceled and finally onto a 7:30P SATURDAY NIGHT flight that finally flew. Good Lord. Meanwhile I had left this....

 And come home to this.....

I mean I love snow and everything and this is beautiful girls weren't here and I missed them dearly. According to Kim, Reese did fabulous in the car on the way down and back and for her troubles she picked up a cold while she was away and looks like she feels miserable right now. She looks soooo pitiful. We thought she may have had an ear infection but a trip to the doctor revealed bigger teeth coming in and and healthy eater.....she weighs 26.6 lbs!! 

Things are getting slightly better now because Kim had the same cold bug and she seems to be shaking it with Reese appearing to be a day behind the recovery that Kim is seeing. Hopefully my girls will be back to normal soon and we can get past all of this sicky business. I sure hope so.

We'll post some Reese pics later this week since she doesn't seem all that camera friendly right now.

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