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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sad news....

Last night, I called Kim from my hotel room in Miami to learn that her Grandfather had passed away earlier that day. While somewhat expected....he had been in the hospital since Thanksgiving with a clear indication that he had limited days....those phone calls are never eased with any amount of preparation.

Today is the day when I feel like my life obligations sometimes are overshadowed by my work obligations....let me explain. I'm in Miami attending my industry's singular greatest event for introductions and building business. This is it...this is where it happens. So I fly down here and now, Kim needs me. She needs to leave Friday to make it to the funeral by Saturday at 11am.....I need to be back in Atlanta earlier than I can get there because I need to fulfill my most important roles and be a husband and a dad. I need to help but I'm helpless. On top of that, its going to snow in Atlanta this Friday. We get one measurable snow in 10 years and it happens to be this weekend and oddity of all oddities...the snow fall amounts get worse the further south you go into Georgia so Kim will need to be driving in conditions that won't be favorable until the GA/FL stateline from what I can tell....And there is no guarantee that I'll even make it home now. Three inches could shut the world down in Atlanta so no matter what time I leave, it won't be soon enough.

Kim has opted to take Reese based on the knowledge that it may be very late by the time I get home and now I won't even be watching Reese this weekend to help out...I'll just be trying to get home and missing her Grandfather's funeral on top of all of this. I feel like garbage. I could have driven to Ocala had I taken weather into account but now, I've already charged the flight change fees and canceling this flight to opt for a rental is almost out of the question at this point. Airlines have no compassion for your situations....they just need that dollar you're clenching.

Kim was so strong for me when Papa passed but now...I can't do the same for her. I can't seem to put together anything that will help in the timeline that is needed. All the time that I give to work and to my career has somehow quarantined me from being where I need to be tonight. The perfect storm of events....I'm sorry sweetie. I'm so sorry.

Say a prayer for Kim's wonderful family because they are all missing Grandpa Goller tonight. I wish I could be there to hug you all...I'm so sorry that I can't.

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