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Sunday, January 16, 2011

A LOOOOONG week.....

And there is still snow on the ground! A week ago almost to the minutes, I was doubting whether this much talked about snow storm was going to hit and now a week later...snow still lays in spots of my yard. It took a 50 degree day today or the whole yard would still be covered. That's pretty amazing if you ask me.

The neat thing about snow in the south is that you find out things about people. Some folks have an incredible work ethic and will be where they need to be...when they need to be there. Others.....not so much. Some people are genuinely scared to get out on the roads for fear of wrecking or in constant worry about the other drivers. Some folks literally become stupid once the wheels start spinning.

I'd say that we didn't have it all that bad but seeing our "metro area" sort of shut down and wait on the City, County, State, WHOMEVER to come by and take care of things really sort of scares me. I get it that snow plows are needed and the response could have been quicker but the hide out in the house mentality just doesn't suit me. Case in point, I left town on Wednesday and traveled part of my territory and came back home...In one piece! No scars and no worse for the wear.....but adequately ashamed of our previously mentioned government services for allowing a small snow to kill the city for a week.

Last night, Kim and I went out with some friends to see comedian Brian Regan. It was a great night and Papa/MawMaw watched Reese so we could go out on our little date night but what struck me as funny was that even though there was still ice on roads....the restaurants that we passed were BLITZED with people. I guess its too tough to get out Monday through Friday but once Saturday rolls around well that's ME time so I gotta get out and get a steak. Yes, yes....I'm being a bit of a smarty but I've heard some doozies this week so pardon me while I have a little fun.

I've attached a few more pics of Reese from the snow to sort of signal the all clear sign and the OMG I'm tired of snow buzzer as well. We've got some pics to update so I'll try to do that Monday - oddly enough I get another Monday off because of MLK Day. I may work a full week sometime in June!

This is the "Daddy...I'm not really enjoying this," pose.

Candid pic trying to get Reese to look at me...rather than stare off into space looking at falling snow!

Happy Reese! Ready for spring with flowers on her shirt.

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