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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thursday = 22 months....

I was just asking Kim where two years have gone? Where in the world did the days go? I can remember coming home from the hospital with her and being scared as hell and then the weeks and months that followed simply seem like a blur now....22 months later and our little girl dances to a Toto concert that I was watching on the 101 tonight.  (101 is a Directv channel that runs alot of concerts....and I was only watching it so I could hear Rosanna and Africa. After that, I was going to be done. That's the God's honest truth. I'm not a closet Toto fan.)

Reese is trying to potty for us more and more. She used it tonight and we had a little success with her and threw the normal party, she takes her sippy's after chugging chocolate milk (once known as Nook) and puts them in the sink without being told to. She uses a coaster of all things! She can put the right shoes on the right foot...when she wants to. And when she messes up (rarely) all you have to do is tell her and she fixes them. She eats vegetable soup and Italian like its her last meal. She's also like her Daddy and a fan of the Mexicali!!!!Ay Ay Ay!!!

She repeats everything you say...but I have yet to hear her utter a bad word. I know I jinxed myself but nothing yet. Pretty good considering the company she keeps around here. Her Mother has a mouth worse than a sailor....haha. Uh...maybe that'd be her Daddy again. She sleeps so well, she wakes up in such good moods, she LOVES LOVES LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and is a hoot when she does the Hot Dog Dance at the end of the Clubhouse. She pooches her lips now when she dances like "Aw yeah...look at me." She is all up and down the stairs, she washes her hands when we let can be a 10 minute ordeal because she loves to just play in the water. She's jumping and actually leaving the ground now. She is mastering more and more words every day and uses them in sentences very well. When we get on to her about something she'll try to work us by smiling and saying "hi Mommy, Hi Mommy, Hi...Hi Mommy" and just smiling and squinting her little eyes. She thinks we're suckers but we're on to her.

Her favorite thing to do that we sort of don't like is to "Pay bocks." or play blocks. Playing blocks means getting my big butt in the floor and rolling around to play with her blocks but we like it....I just need to shed some pounds so rolling isn't so exhausting. She can say her AB's, counts to 10, sings the Monkey on the Bed song like a champ, and all sorts of other things that just blow our minds. 22 months.....what an amazing time its has been with her and I just want many, many years of joy and good health for her. She is such an amazing blessing and we love her so much. Happy 22 months Reese! Mommy and Daddy love you very much!

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