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Sunday, January 23, 2011


Well another weekend is over and I think Kim and I are sort of sitting here asking what the hell just happened to our two days off? I was fortunate enough to have another four day work week but I made up for it with massive amounts of work to do during the week...In fact I enjoyed having tons to do so much that I decided to share some with this coming week as well. I'm just that kind of guy...what can I say. Suffice it to say that regardless of my lack of a full week (in numbers at the office) I was plenty ready to chill at the pad but it just seems that Sunday night gets here quicker and quicker.

The weekend wasn't anything spectacular but I was able to complete some to do list stuff in the basement (Installed two new doors and re-insulated everything around them) checked off the list. I can actually already tell a difference down there as most of the heat was escaping into the garage because the doors were just horrible. Interior grade doors in a situation that really called for Exterior grade...just another issue with this house that should have been addressed years ago. Papa and Mawmaw stopped by yesterday to pick up his table that I built for his Big Steel Keg, I hung door number 1, and then we went out with Lance and Celeste. Today was another round of door hanging, a longer stint with Papa and Mawmaw, and a little playing around with Pooks this evening.

Reese is really becoming her own little person right now....her sentences are getting longer and her comprehension is getting better as well. Sometimes I think Kim and I sort of pinch ourselves at what she understands and what she is able to do now. She's also into being a little ham for the camera and she's starting to show a bit of an impatient side when it comes to getting things her way. She doesn't throw a fit by any means but she will certainly raise her voice a little and get a little gruff in her voice to emphasize that she isn't messing around. When she does that, its all Kim and I can do to keep from laughing but we politely remind her to calm her nerves and we'll get to the situation that is confronting really is funny though.

I had a little fun with the camera tonight and of course, Reese was glad to oblige with some CHEEZ pics.

This is the smile with my eyes closed and wrinkle my nose look....

Similar look but with the head tilted slightly and hair in a ponytail....

The lean in and scrunch the face look again...with Daddy puckering for a smooch.

The "I'm gonna get you sucka" from Daddy and Reese working the charm....

Rocking the pony tail....she looks so different with it. Too grown up looking!

This is a phone in the ear...I'm sure I'll get enough of this as she gets older. It's just a dead cell phone we let her play with but she's showing signs of loving the phone....oh boy.

And finally...just being cute.

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