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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More snow pics....

In reality...this was probably Reese's fourth or fifth snow fall since she's been alive. I mean we've had two ground covering snows in just four weeks but this one just seemed to be the one to test her desire for snow. I think she likes it!
it started like this...around 10pm

Then about 20 minutes later....

 Then another 30 minutes.....nearly two inches

My buddy Steve tried to get out in it and drive, maybe that was a bad idea Steve-O

Of course I had to make the obligatory UGA and Little UGA pics....I need to make a calendar with these guys and the season changes. Maybe I can sell it and make a million....

Our streets on Monday morning. Normally flowing with buses and cars heading to work.....Not January 10th. Everyone was chilling at the casa this morning.
Let me vent for a minute now.

This is our blog and not a "Facebook" type of venue but then again I have to watch what I say because folks from work do read this blog so I'll be completely honest but respectful.....Our process at my office needs some serious tweaking for weather related events. We may get two of these events per year...if that....But to simply ignore that a process is required is nuts. This pic was taken around 9.30am after about an hour of texts and checking about the work situation. I'm essentially outside, taking pics not only for myself but in some form of justification that no one else was out there either. I'm being pretty tame but C'mon folks....let's have a plan in place next time?! the soap box now. Isn't the street scene pretty....awkward silence follows from the co-worker group.

So after declaring a "mental health day" or snow day....we decided to wrap Reese in everything we could find and take her for a walk in the snow.

Reese was hesitant but as we walked into the cul-de-sac, she opened up and started having a good time.

I need to crop out the trash can to make a better overall pic but this is just a great picture of Kim. She looks so hot in her little snow outfit and her new boggin/cap

Despite loving this little red toy thing on dry land....Reese didn't much care for the idea of sledding down a hill.

Andrew showed Reese how to do things but I don't know that she was feeling the whole jumping down the hill bit.

Sometimes you try to force the pic and sometimes it just happens....this is one of those where it just happened. What a cutie.

And this one....this is like the pic in front of the Christmas tree or the little face at Burt's pumpkin patch the first time we took her. All of the sudden, a split second in time becomes a picture that we'll treasure for a lifetime and bond a Mommy and little girl for years. What an awesome picture.

January 10th 2011....Reese's first play day in the snow.

Whenever God closes a door, he opens a window......January 10th was a great day to spend with Reese and to cherish her little smile, her laugh, and the new experiences that she'll remember all of her life. I also remember January 10th.....Some dates just stick in my mind better than others. I can't clearly remember when Grandmother's and Judith's birthdays are....I'm ashamed to admit it but I just get confused and they've just been close enough that I could wing it. Sorry GMa and Sis! I don't remember the exact date that Grandmother Lucille passed but I remember getting the phone call while on vacation and coming back home. I've got Mom and Dad's birthday dialed in and obviously Kim and little Reese....but January 10th....that's when my Papa passed.

I hope you're seeing this little angel Papa. I hope you're seeing this little girl and making sure that Kim and I are doing it right. I hope you're quietly coaching her Papa and Pawpaw and showing them the way to love this little girl. I think you are.....She's got them wrapped around her finger, Papa. I know you'd love her with all your heart....and I know that you do. We miss you and love you.

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Papa Hall said...

Adam,God did stop our earthly communication with Dad,But we have to look at life this way,that dad's life in Heaven has just begun compared to eternity.Yes, We do miss him greatly,every single day!But, I think God saw our sorrows and sent us a smile,in the form of Reese Avery! I see your Papa Hall in her face, smile and little grin all the time. And to the birthdays Sissy's is September 3rd & Grandmother Helen's is September 10th and your Grandmother Lucille's was April 14th. And your Grandmother Lucille passed on the night of August 7th or after midnight on the 8th.One day the Hall/Richards family will remember for the rest our lifes is March 27th,2009(Reese's Birth date!) Finally,Thank God for SNOW DAYS ! It takes roads being ICED over and Snow 8" deep for life to come to a stand still for us to remember things in Life that really count! Like Family and Friend's Fellowships are what really matters.Carpe diem!And record it with pictures and blogs ! And share with them your loved ones ! Thanks ! PapaHall2.0