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Saturday, January 1, 2011

This is the part that I hate.....

Once September is over and October introduces itself on the calendar....I officially declare my favorite three months in the year. I love the fall and the stretch of holidays that follow just make it that much more enjoyable. I love the Apple Festival, fall trips into the mountains looking at leaves, cool nights setting in, the time change, Thanksgiving WEEK...I love that week, shopping the day after Thanksgiving - makes me sound weird but it puts me in the mood for the season, weekend shopping and preparation for Christmas....CHRISTMAS week, and then the holiday itself. I even like the week between leading up to New Year's Eve and Day but its all over now and I'm bummed. Just as soon as the decorations are put up...they come down. I was feeling this way last year but look what happened....the holiday came in record time! Maybe it's having a child that makes things fly by now. We had some good friends over last night for a low key dinner on NYE and Michelle said the same thing. I think days just buzz by now and having Reese makes them more special...but I think she makes them go by faster too!

I can't complain too much as we have a nice vacation to look forward to at the end of January and I'm hoping for good things from my job this year so I'm mildly optimistic about things getting better from that point of view. I think Kim has some good things in the works for her work so things aren't all gloom here right after the holidays....But I like this time of year and it stinks to watch it go.

I like all of the yards lit up with Christmas lights, I like to look in and see Christmas trees all decorated in each house, I like the craziness at the stores to a degree....or maybe not. I like the good food, the family, the overall message of the holidays - Give thanks for what you have and celebrate the birth of a savior. Now, it seems like it's back to work. Get on the grind again and peddle away. I don't want to and I don't like the transition from December into January through March. I'd rather pass and get back to September 30th if you don't mind.

Nevertheless.....Reese has had an amazing Christmas holiday and here are some pics that haven't been seen of her silliness and just show how much we love her.

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