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Friday, August 14, 2009

Back home....

Lately....I've thought better of advertising that my wife and daughter will be at home alone while I travel - hence the creative hiatus here on the blog by Adam and a fine job of filling in for me by my lovely wife...I've been all over eastern North Carolina visiting accounts and being drowned in rain of biblical proportions. I seriously doubted my admission into the pearly gates was secure so at one point during the deluge I paused to say a quick lie.

Lightning and thunder were so prominent that the thunder was making my windshield wipers jump and skip while they tried to rake buckets of rain off the windshield...again, no lie...and you could smell what the lightning had just hit.....I think that means it was close. You think?

And on top of that, I drove about 7 hours to get home to my girls on my birthday. I'd say that hugging my girls was about the best present I could have ever received. The only thing notable about this birthday is that I can legally serve as President of the United States now....I think I'll abstain.

I'm also very tired for a mid-thirtysomething adult and choose to go sleep in my own bed next to my beautiful wife. Ahhhhh I love home.

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Papa Hall said...

"Time sure travels fast when you're having the time of your life!" I Googled the calendar to verify that your birth date was for sure on Wedesday!Then I googled who was President of the United States and to my suprise Richard M Nixon announced the day after you were born that he would resign his office!I don't think I'll get to hear that President Obama will resign tomorrow!(We as a nation could ever get that lucky!)"Gold was only $156.25 per ounce on 08/14/74 - Today's price is $949.00 per ounce!(Man I missed the boat on that one, too!)But,The best life altering gift God gave to Emily and myself was you,Adam! We were very young adults when you were born and we grew up along with you!Thanks for the memories! Happy Birthday Son!