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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Five Months....

Our little girl is already five months can that be? A lot of people say she looks like Daddy but in the five month picture, I really see it. Poor kid.

We are so in love with this little girl and every stage is our favorite...we'll get to a new thing and that becomes our favorite part of her. It's amazing to look back to the first pictures of her in the hospital and then look at her now. We know we're blessed. We know that so many other children climb a mountain that we hope Reese never has to. Sickness and pain cloud so many parents first glimpse of their children and we have been so very blessed. We pray every night that Reese lives a charmed life. No pain, no sickness, no hurdles that can't be crossed without great sacrifice....just happy days and God given gifts. One day she'll read these words in the books that we are printing and she'll more than likely already know it....but as she sits in the Bumbo behind me on Kim's desk...she is the center of our world. Love you squirt!

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