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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Summary

It seems like Reese is doing new things daily right now...First, she started rolling from her back to her stomach on Thursday and hasn't stopped since. In fact, now we sort of have to prevent her from rolling right after eating so she won't spit-up all over the place. We also have to roll her back over because she gets a little irritated being on her stomach so we're sort of at her beck and call right now. The fun has begun!

She has really taken to the Exersaucer and can pretty much take it for long periods without alot of fuss. She stayed in it Saturday while Kim and I washed cars. She was in the garage with a fan blowing on her...our little oven couldn't do it otherwise....and she let us wash the cars and vacuum the insides. What's worse is that this was the first time that we have washed vehicles since we've lived at this house. All of the water restrictions have made it sort of "uncool" to wash your own vehicle and even without still feel like the water Nazi's are watching you. Eh well, the cars are clean and the lake didn't dry up so I'm not stressing it.

We also FINALLY cleared the hurdle on the car seat drama. Yeah....the Taj Mahal of all car seats...the be all end all because if you don't buy it your kids will die.....yeah, it didn't have the latch system in the box. Seriously? I mean what the hell....We pay that much and the stinking seat doesn't have all the parts. So I took it back to BRU and the next one that I picked up....didn't have it either. The only one that had it on the seat was a seat that was out of the plastic which made me wonder if this was a return and was I inheriting another piece of caca. Let me rate Britax right about now....I'm sure they'd love to hear what we have to say about their seat of gold. Anyway -----

Today my folks came down for a visit since it may be a while before Mom can make it back. She's going back under the knife to repair a botched knee replacement that was performed in January. She's had horrible knee pain since that time and her slacker Dr. didn't own up to botching the surgery. Any way... she gets it fixed by a highly recommended Dr. on Wednesday so they spent the afternoon with us. Between naps and playing with Papa and Grandma we put Reese in some of her hand-me-down kicks and she had a time trying to figure out what in the heck was on her feet.

Between good times on the jungle mat and the exersaucer, Reese also found the time to learn how to eat her feet...check our pic-a-day blog A Year in the Life of Us. Silly girl....she is so much fun right now.

Off of baby talk for one second to close the summary....Daddy got some shoes and clips for his bike Saturday. I rode to the office this morning and made record time. I couldn't believe how efficient I was on the road. Look out Lance Armstrong.......hahahahaha aaaahhhhhh, I tickle myself.

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Julie said...

Take heart...the knee replacement botch job is more common than you think...Rick's dad just had his 3rd knee put in and the previous got soo bad that it ended up he had a seriously bad infection and they had to take the knee out completely for 6 weeks and just put in a spacer...gross!!! Then he spent 2 weeks in ICU because of the infection. Seriously, there should have been a free knee outta this whole experience but no...doc drives off into the sunset in his Lexus to his yacht for the weekend! Good luck to your mom!!!