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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday summary

What a busy weekend for the fam...We pretty well kicked it hard this weekend starting with a 17 miler Saturday, mowing, cleaning, SCRUBBING the garage where the former tenant (Baxter) left a hint of pee in the air....I can't explain it but the garage has stunk like pee since he started staying there during the winter and (I mean I know why but you would think the smell would quit lingering.) You'd think that time would make it pass but nah, his pee hangs around. We also did some running around Saturday evening after all of that and then rested for about 15 minutes prior to bedtime.

Today, we started weeding out things that Reese has already out grown....I mean seriously. Already? Reese is wearing a size 6/9 month and according to weight on some things, she could be wearing a 12 month....REALLY? But almost everything that she grows out of seems to have more to do with length than anything. I mean she's 27 inches now so footed pj's are getting blown through like diapers.

We also fired up a video cam that a friend from work loaned me and it seems to be working pretty well. It's going to be so much easier that running to check on her everytime you think she needs you. We did some more running around this afternoon so all in all, we took alot off of the honey-do list this weekend.

After everything was done this afternoon, I took some pics of Reese laying around in some new kicks. Nana bought these for her a week or so back and so I thought we'd try to cram those feet in to see what she'd do. She actually didn't care that much..................UNLIKE rice cereal. She's not all laughs and fun like the first time.....I think she hates it. We've mixed it into her bottle and let her take it that way, but it still seems like she just doesn't care for the taste.

Another milestone for this weekend is that we ditched the swaddle...Pause for a minute and read that Goller clan. The baby straight jacket is gone! I mean we could go back but she had been busting out for a couple weeks so we had been wrapping her under her arms but we decided that maybe a sleep sack might be the best thing now. It will keep her warm since we keep the house cool at night and will still allow for a loose but contained sleeping mode. Our little one is growing up daily and changes keep coming at a rate too fast to blog about....It's borderline sad but very exciting nonetheless. It really does happen too fast.

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