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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Busy day....

Right out of the was a busy one. I woke up, grabbed Reese and brought her into our room to let her finish out her nap and while she laid there with Mommy, I got ready to go riding.

During one of my treks up and down the stairs this morning, I decided to grab my camera and give everyone a glimpse of a peaceful sleeping Reese. She is laid out! After that, I hopped on the bike and proceeded to ride 24 miles over to Red Top Mountain State park. Blitz completely from the ride, I got home, gathered our stuff...showered of course...and headed up to Calhoun for a little send off dinner for Elizabeth. She's headed to school in south Georgia so we did a little Low Country boil in honor of her moving below the gnat line. (for those that don't know, there is a point in Georgia when go far enough south that the gnats will absolutely tote you away. Nose, mouth, ears, eyes....they get into everything. I hate it.)

We had a good meal and a good time eating a ton of food. I had to cook alot of the stuff separately because there was just too much food for my little basket in the boiler. Elizabeth heads down early in the week so keep that whole gang in your thoughts. I know Sis (aka Judith...I'll attempt to explain on a post down the road as to why everyone calls her Sis....I don't know that I know completely.) will miss her little girl and I'm sure the first tastes of "freedom" for Elizabeth will probably be a little bittersweet as well. This is a good thing and it is the time of your life. Live it to the fullest Elizabeth. You'll never live like this again...sleeping late, playing hard, studying, making new friends, and living life in a way that you never will again. It goes by fast sweetie...soak it in because in a few short years, it'll be all work...and not nearly enough play.

You'll do fine and I'll see you in a couple weeks. You can buy the beers and we'll do keg stands ---- No Sis....I'm just kidding.

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