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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Summary....

So this post was interrupted before it even started by a little girl that has fought sleep the better part of the afternoon. We sort of let her grump it out in her crib but she just wasn't having any of that. Kim tried to soothe her and I asked her to just calm her down and then leave but it didn't work. Reese was getting so worked up about being in the crib that she was working up a stuffy nose from the crying. I relented out of frustration to go get her thinking little momma was playing us but when we got her down to the swing to chill out, she was doing those little snuks that kids do after they've been crying. Snuk, snuk snuk, sigh.....I felt pretty bad because I thought she was just working us to stay up a little longer with Mommy and Daddy but I think she was genuinely upset about something now and I guess motherly intuition was pulling at Kim to comfort her and there I was thinking that Reese was just being ornery. Her schedule has been off pretty significantly today so I think that has more to do with this than anything but at the same time...this happened last night to Ryan and Jenni when they watched her so I don't want to start a trend. Speaking of which.....

We went to a wedding yesterday at Lake Lanier Islands. I'll admit openly that I was not looking forward to the trip - I mean think about it. A big boy in a tie, outside, during the August heat, during the August HUMIDITY, sweating my brains out.....this just didn't seem like a good idea. But to our surprise, the Friday night storms kicked up a nice breeze, cleared out the wet blanket of air that we live with 90% of the time, and knocked down the temps by about 10 degrees. For an outside wedding in couldn't have asked for better. And what a beautiful place...we've never been to Lake Lanier Islands even though we've heard about it for so long. I was pretty impressed. I wouldn't go spend a week there but I would spend a long weekend up there without a doubt.

Some of the event pics are not fully condoned by the parties shown but they should get a blog too....then they can have creative control of pics that make the cut. Like in the pic below where Celeste finds her man soooo attractive that she sort of slips him a little something....mmmmhmm.

Congrats go to Justin and his new bride. The boy looks nervous as all get out and Lance can't take his eyes off of one of the brides maids. Rawr!

So we get back home and Ryan and Jenni had fallen asleep on our bed keeping a close eye on Reese. We decided that we'd let them sleep and we took the spare bedroom......the result is that we're tossing that bed as soon as we can afford to do so. What a piece of garbage to sleep on. We feel ashamed that poor Nana slept on that bed for an entire week after we brought Reese home. was horrible. I think that's the worst night of sleep that either of us has gotten in our own home. So when we got up and realized that they had left early....we got back in our bed and slept in. That's the main reason that Reese's schedule is so dorked up and there is something about the kid going to sleep with it still light outside. She just patently refuses to give in to sleep in her crib if light is shining in her room in the slightest. I've got to cover that palladium window sooooon!

I also decided that today was to be project day - only one project but something that had been on the to do list since we moved in....paint the wrought iron handrails at the front door. They looked horrible. Rusting, flaking paint, looking all ghetto....yeah, we needed to do something about that because that's the first thing you see when you stroll up to the house....a rusted out piece of junk, handrail. So I brushed the paint and scoured the rust with a wire brush and some stuff called Naval Jelly....erp....don't put this stuff in your navel because it would probably eat through to your backbone. It smelled horrible and then I decided that for good measure, I would paint to make everything smell even worse. See before...
And after.....

Take into account that the before was the result of the scrubbing and the additional use of Naval Jelly....I can't get past that....Naval Jelly...what the hell? - Any way, it looks so much better now. And to show that I'm an equal opportunity kind of guy when it comes to pics....check out the hot guy that Kim hired to paint the railings and his "bald" spot on display.

What a tool!!! Hey dude...try some Rogaine! ahahaha aha ahem.....uh....wait. Mmmmmmm, that's me. oh. hmmmph. Well. Interesting. Moving along.

Finally, Sunday seems to be shoe day for Reese and in keeping with our redneck ways of only putting shoes on our child one day each week....We made some pics of Reese wearing her new Crocs from Aunt Sandy. Thank you Sandra! She still tries to pick at them like shoes are some sort of plague that just appeared on her feet but eventually we'll try to get her to like two days a week before we cart her to Walmart all barefooted and everything. That's all for now....have a good first part of the week!

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