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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New curve ball...

So Reese is in this trend - over the better part of two weeks now - where she flat refuses to take her afternoon / evening nap. You can plainly see that she is tired....her left eyelid is a tell-tale sign of her tiredness because it has been weaker than the other eyelid since she was born.....she is mildly fussy and doesn't really like anything during the evenings.

To call it a nap is probably a stretch but a twenty minute power nap is sometimes all a girl needs to unwind a little bit but she won't do it. Has anybody else run through this? Is this another growth spurt? Is she secretly hungry? Or is she just OVER tired? (a term that I pretty much despise) Pooka turns five months old Thursday and I would expect that she would be throwing new things at us but we're at a loss on this one.

She used to sit idle for a few minutes in the swing without her patented mmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm whine. She doesn't really cry until the caca has hit the fan so all we hear is mmmmm mmmmm mmmmmm right now when we leave her in the swing for an instant.

So, the question is this...what the heck is going on?

Is she teething? Is she dropping this evening nap? Is she tired? Is she not tired? Is she bored? Does she need additional stimulation (over what we're already giving her)?

Either way, bath time is still a hit.

Reese is an expert curve ball pitcher. Yeah! Just our luck.

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doubletrouble said...

Just when u start to think that you have it all figured out- the routine and all, they changed it up! I guess to keep us on our toes?! How many naps does she take? Is it her afternoon or evening nap? Does she take a late it her 3rd. if so, maybe skip that and just put her to bed early...that is, if you aren't already. She does probably still need at least 2 naps/day though. Or it could be teething. Mine have all given me a hard time going to bed with teething. Good luck! She is a cutie!