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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm a slave to the bottles....

Props to all the single moms out there....good Lord I'm tired.

What I'm saying is that Kimmy is traveling right now and I'm playing Mr. Mom ------ NOT that I'm not accustomed to doing pretty much what it takes, Oh, I am. But just not by myself!

I travel sort of regular and I couldn't be more proud of Kim for doing it solo while I'm gone. It's really not that Reese is all encompassing right now...that's not what wears me out. Its the prep work for later. I'm so sick of prepping for the next chow session that I'm about ready to cut up hot dogs and start her on solids tonight. The rice cereal went well tonight and all of the bottle feedings went fine as well. We even went for a walk down to Publix to get Bax some dog food...and some M&Ms....and THAT went well. But washing these God forsaken bottles so that you don't get behind is just Fop! (My own word for all things bad....Fop! O'Brother Where Art Thou if Fop sounds vaguely familiar)

I figured I would share the pic from the Daily pic blog so that you can see how the Publix run went....Reese didn't really protest much. She sort of propped on the dog food and narked out.

On another note, Mom went through her second surgery for knee replacement and no doubt there is plenty of trauma around her knee but she can already feel a difference from this morning to now. Thank you Lord! My poor Mom has suffered through 7 1/2 months with this bum knee and going to an even worse bum doctor that wouldn't hear her regarding pain and uneasiness. Finally, she got a second opinion, planned another surgery, and today was the day. I spoke with her tonight and she sounds great...considering some guy was hacking on her leg earlier today. Modern medicine is amazing. What if we lived 100 years ago...she would have been down for the count...for that matter 25 years ago would have been a different story as well! I know she's relieved to have this behind her and she has to be looking forward to a better recovery.

Alright...I'm pooped so that's all I've got for now. Kim comes home late Thursday! I love you sweetie! You're already Super Mom in my eyes.

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jill said...

so glad to hear your mom is better!!! and majorly impressed with how well you're handling things on your own! way to go dad!!