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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Behind....waaaaay behind.....


I'm late on updates for several major reasons....1st - the father figure has been out of town again and in keeping with not advertising that to the entire world via the web - Posts have been delayed. 2nd - when said father figure is out of town, it is ALLLL she can do for the Mother figure to keep the world straight at night - much less post....Reese is a handful for one person now. 3rd - when said Mother figure and Father figure have their beautiful daughter in the bed...the parental units tend to want sleep as well so late night posts are slipping a skosh.

So it's update time and the first order of business is that Reese went to the Dr. today for her six month appointment. She weighs 20 lbs 10oz and is 27 1/4 inches long. The rampant weight gain has stopped (Thank you Lord) and her length/height is still moving upwards. All signs are good and we are now cleared for baby food twice a day! We may even drop one bottle every day now - ooooh wouldn't that be nice!

We have had a sleep issue since Saturday night that Kim got to work out while I was gone Sunday until today. Reese woke up Saturday night all sorts of cross threaded on her breathing and spit up. She was coughing, gagging, spitting, sneezing, tearing up, her head was all splotchy like she was almost having an allergy attack. It was pretty rough. The poor thing would gag and cough and she just couldn't get out of this funk and Kim basically hung with her Saturday night ALL night since I had to leave Sunday morning. They both slept periodically but Reese didn't want anything to do with laying down for most of the night. Well, that led into fears about Sunday night with me not here and Kim being the lone ranger. Nothing significant happened but Reese acted a little hesitant about going back to the bed....aka the Choke Chamber - for her anyway.

Sunday and Monday were better and now as I post on Tuesday night, Reese is sleeping in her bed and actually went down reasonably well considering the issues since Saturday. Our Doc says its nothing to worry about and we could add some cereal to her last bottle in case this is acid reflux....I don't know what cereal will do to stop that but it's not the first time I've heard the cereal thing either.

Back at the homestead, I will be taking off the next two weeks on Thursday and Friday in order to finish a bathroom remodel that we've teased. I hope his goes well because Kim will probably shoot me if this goes on for much longer. I'm so glad to take some time off no matter if I'm working or not around the house. I'm just toasted with work and I need some down time. Hopefully tile work is soothing for the soul - somehow I doubt that it is but it has to be better than the norm.

We'll hit up a What is Reese Doing Now post in the next few days so keep checking in.

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